Effect of the CLIMATE SAVERS FEED® on the content value of the milk and the making of dairy products and cheese

Owing to the Climate Savers Feed®, the composition and the content value of the milk slightly changes, which means mainly the increase in the fat-free dry matter content and the composition of the milk.

In case of milk and milk products, a unique taste appears, which strengthens on the market position of these products.

Globally recognised results

In the filed of the production of dairy products, our partners achieve outstanding results in Hungarian and international competitions. In the Mondial du Fromage competition, considered as the World Championship of cheese, organised in Tours, next to Paris, the cheese “Ranolder” of our partner, the Sümegtej Kft., Hungary, won a gold medal in the hard cheese category in 2017 and in the category of semi-hard cheese, their cheese “Panarella” won a bronze medal that year. In the competition a professional jury of 80 selected the best cheeses from 650 products. The Hungarian cheeses had to fight against the products of the best cheese making countries, such as France, the Netherlands, Italy and Belgium.

Please watch the movies below where our partners report on the milk quality achieved by the Climate Savers Feed® and its effect on dairy product making.

The gold medallist Ranolder cheese of our partner, the Sümegtej, in the Mondial du Fromage cheese Olympic games, the most prestigious competition of the world.

Buffalo’s milk processing, ITALIAMILK Kft., Gyomaendrőd

Goat’s milk processing, Alföldi Garabonciás Kft., Izsák