Feeding results of dairy cattle with the use of CLIMATE SAVERS FEED®

Our basic aim is to produce milk with healthy animals and natural feeds to be by all means profitable.

Based on good basic feed and with the application of the Climate Savers Feed® one can achieve results which have been unavailable for many farmers, as reflected by our results achieved in Germany.

 “As when the price of the milk is acceptable, produce a lot of milk and if its price is low, produce even more.”

Our feeding programme is designed based on the forage basis produced by you. The high-quality fibres serve as a good basis for the utilisation of the Climate Savers Feed®, as a result of which:

Animal health relations:

By the application of the Climate Savers Feed®, the energy balance, the immunity and many other material flow parameters of the animals improve.


As the animal is healthier, its useful life increases and it can be kept under production for a longer time


By the application of the Climate Savers Feed®, persistence becomes significantly longer and it is out of question that this means further economic advantages for the producers.

One of the most important questions is the raising of heifers

The future milk production starts with the raising of heifers. Only the well-raised animals will be able to take up larger quantity of dry matter, therefore, the large body mass and the large rumen capacity are important factors.

The intensive raising of heifers are thought by many to be an expensive technology, however, the appropriate raising of heifers will pay off even during the first lactation.

The application of the Climate Savers Feed® is a reliable background for the raising of animals with good immunity. 

It is worth checking how high the closed lactation production of the animals of first lactation is with us.

You can watch in the movie below where our partners report the results achievable with the Climate Savers Feed®.

Feeding of dairy cattle, Holstein Friesian variety

Feeding of dairy cattle, AGRO-COW Kft., Berettyóújfalu

Feeding of dairy cattle, Hajdúböszörményi Béke Mezőgazdasági Kft., Hajdúböszörmény

Feeding of dairy cattle, Mocsai Búzakalász Cooperative, Mocsa

Feeding of dairy cattle. MILKMEN Kft., Paks

Feeding of dairy cattle, PUSKIN-TEJ Kft., Szegvár

Feeding of dairy cattle, Rózsási Kft., Szarvas

Feeding of dairy cattle, Szabadság Agricultural cooperative, Tiszalök

Feeding of dairy cattle, VESZELINOV Mile, family farmer, Szeged-Újszentiván

Feeding of dairy cattle, Agrar Kienberg GmbH, Kienberg, Germany

Feeding of dairy cattle, Hungarian Simmental variety

Feeding of a 100,000 litres Hungarian Simmental cattle, Hajdúböszörményi Béke Mezőgazdasági Kft., Hajdúböszörmény