Buffalo feeding results with the use of CLIMATE SAVERS FEED®

Mediterranean dairy buffalo husbandry in Hungary is performed currently in the site of the ITALIAGRO Kft., in Mezőtúr. As a result of our feeding programme, significant improvement can be found in the health condition and the vitality of the animals, which can be seen also in the milk production data. The milk production of the buffaloes in Mezőtúr exceeds significantly, by 30-40%, the production level in Italy. Furthermore, the content value of the milk also increased, which results in an additional 10-20% milk production yield for the dairies.

The basis of our feeding is the forage base produced by you.

The high-quality fibres serve as a good basis for the utilisation of the Climate Savers Feed®, as a result of which:


Watch the movie below where our partners report the results achievable with the Climate Savers Feed®.

Feeding of Mediterranean dairy buffalo, ITALIAGRO Kft., Mezőtúr